Wednesday, 1 August 2012

25+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Update time again :) 

The week hasn't been too busy really. I'm now back at work after two weeks off, which were lovely, however being back at work is also nice, just starting to get quite tiring.
I've now handed in my MAT B1 form and letter in to my boss which means i have a date to start my maternity leave, woohoo :D!! 
My last night of work is the 28th of August, however my Maternity leave doesn't officially start until 6th of October. I had about 5 weeks holiday to use up before my maternity leave, hence why i'm leaving quite early. I'm happy with that though as it means i have 10 weeks to get everything ready and prepared before little miss makes her grand entry into the world. 

Now that's been sorted i feel as if its all becoming really real and also very exciting! Lately I've been thinking about the mini milestones that i have ahead of me before the big day, so i thought i would jot down this months. 

1. 03/08/12 - Double digits countdown begins
2. 08/08/12 - Midwife Appointment
3. 11/08/12 - I turn 27 weeks, the start of the Third Trimester
4. 17/08/12 - I have my Glucose Tolerance Test
5. 28/08/12 - Last day of work
5. 01/09/12 - I turn 30 weeks, 10 weeks till due date! 

This last week i have also been starting to suffer with some pregnancy symptoms. So far i have been quite lucky and only really been feeling tired and had a little bit nauseous in the first trimester. However this week i have been suffering from heartburn, leg cramps and headaches, not nice! To cure the heartburn i have been munching on Rennies soft chews, which are amazing as they got rid of it straight away. With the leg cramps there isn't much i can do about it, apart from wait it out. I've always suffered with headaches, but these seem to be a lot worse. I've found the only thing that will make them go away is for me to lie down in a dark and quiet room, not so easy to do when i'm at work looking after 3 clients. 

Now, time for my bump pictures, like last week i don't really see much of a change in my size, my bump just looks a little bit rounder - What do you think? 

This week i also received that last of my Ebay buys in the post. 

6 upto 1 month sleepsuits (Next) - £1.05

0-3 month snuggle suit - £1.00

This wasn't an Ebay buy but a gift from my mum and i think its gorgeous, perfect for the winter :) 

I believed i have covered everything that has happened in the last week :) 

Lucy xx

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  1. oh i have such bad heartburn right now! ughh!! im excited to be 27 weeks too!! x