Wednesday, 22 August 2012

28+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Today has been a really good day, however quite busy, so it's nice to sit down and relax :) 

I had my midwife appointment this morning, after not the best sleep as this little madam kept on getting hiccups, kicking and lying in uncomfortable positions! 

My appointment went well, baby is lying in the head down position, for now! She still has 11 weeks to move around though. My fundal height is measuring 30cms, which is two weeks ahead, apparently this is normal and they rather you measure bigger than smaller. She also listened to LO's heartbeat, again that was spot on at 151 BMP. All in all everything is good with the baby :D Just what i love to hear! 
I had my usual weigh in and to be honest was worrying a little due to the amount of weight i have been gaining in the last couple months. In the end i had nothing to worry about at all as i have only gained 0.7kgs in 2 weeks, which works out to 1.5lbs, so i'm happy with that :D 
My blood pressure was also spot on at 110/60, which means there are now no more worries about me getting pre-eclampsia, woohoo! 
I booked in my Ante-natal classes today, exciting times! The first one starts on the 1st of October and i'm really looking forward to it. I shall be dragging Ryan along with me seeing as he will be one of my birthing partners. I'm sure he will love them ;) 


Whilst i was at work last week i decided to start writing my lists (I have SO many to write!!) So the first list on my list was the Hospital Bags List
I will do a separate post to what I've chosen to go in my bags. 
However whilst i was in town today i thought i would start picking up a few of the bits i had written down, i know i have 11 weeks but it's always nice to feel prepared :) 
I decided Superdrug was my best option to begin with as it's reasonably priced and they seem to do everything toiletries-wise. However the one product i saw on their website which i really liked which they didn't have in stock was the Nivea Everyday Essentials Pack. When i'm next in the city of Plymouth i shall pop into the bigger store with hope that they have it in stock :) 
What i did pick up today was a mini tube of Macleans White N Shine Toothpaste which cost 89P and some Carex Refreshing travel wipes - 85P. I thought it would be a good idea to get everything i need in mini sizes, for 1 - I'm hoping to not stay in hospital for too long and 2 - It will save space in my bag as i have LOTS to go in it! 
Every time i pop in to town i will pick up a couple bits, just so i can slowly build up what i need to get and i won't have to pay out a big lump sum :) 


Now, time for my weekly bump picture! I feel i have got bigger this last week but that may just be me! 

Here's another from earlier on in the week :) 


That's enough for now :) 



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