Wednesday, 15 August 2012

27+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I'm officially in the third trimester, woo hoo! Just under 13 weeks to go until we meet our little one, i cannot wait :D 

We still have so much to do before she arrives though, for instance sort out our bedroom and make room for her cot and Moses basket, wash all her clothes and put them all away, deep clean the whole house...that's just a few things! 
My plan is to write a list of all the things we need to do once i'm on maternity leave and then to slowly start getting everything done and cross it off.

This past week i have really been starting to feel pregnant. 
I've had mega heartburn for the last 3 days and nothing seems to be getting rid of it :( According to websites online if a woman suffers from heartburn during pregnancy then their baby is more likely to come out with hair, of course this is just a myth but some women swear its true. So it will be interesting to see if our little girl does come out with some hair or none at all. 
Getting dressed has now become more of a mission than an everyday thing, i now have to sit down and take my time else i get out of breath. 
My size 14 maternity clothes are now becoming too small and uncomfortable so i think i may have to invest in a few bigger items. 
I seem to be getting cramps in my legs more often when i'm lying in bed and they can really be quite painful! 
Anything else?...Not that i can think of right now. 

Oh the joys of pregnancy! I wouldn't change any of it for the world though! 

On the positive side of things since i hit 27 weeks little miss hasn't really stopped moving around in there. Her movements are starting to become a lot bigger and harder now and now and again even a little bit uncomfortable. I've tried to film her wriggling around but every time i do she stops moving the little monkey! I also believe i have been feeling her have hiccups too, it kind of feels like a rhythmic pulse which lasts for a couple minutes, i usually feel it after I've eaten. 
Even though i feel her moving everyday it still brings a smile to my face and feels totally amazing :D 

Before i continue to ramble on i shall update you with my bump :) 

Defiantly looking bigger but also quite low. Odd. 

This week i decided to treat myself to a little something seeing as everything I've bought lately has been baby related in some sort of way! 

I'm a massive handbag fan and the one i'm currently using, even though i love it is becoming a bit shabby so i decided it's time to purchase a new one. Now this seems like an easy task, however as you have probably already read i'm very fussy when it comes to bags and don't like having to spend a fortune! 

I had a look around and decided Ebay would be my best place to look. I do LOVE Ebay!! I had a browse through and decided i really liked the LYDC bags, they stand out from the usual kind of handbags as they are bright and bold and that's what i love about them. I ended up going for a mock crock patent pink shoulder handbag with a flowered pattern on the front. I just LOVE it! They are originally £40 on the LYDC website however i won mine for just £10! I'm still waiting for it to be delivered but once it's here i shall upload some photos and possibly do a review:) 

Whilst on Ebay i also had a look at the baby bundle of clothing (i can't stay away!), i managed to grab myself a right bargain! I won a bundle of 22 items of 0-3 month clothing for £3.50!! Again i'm still waiting for it all to be delivered but once it has all arrived i shall upload some photos. Hopefully it should all arrive by next week! 

On Friday i have my Glucose Tolerance Test, not looking forward to that one bit. Depending on how i'm feeling afterwards i may update you with how it went and the results, if not i shall update you next week :) 

Lucy xx

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