Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Decisions decisions...Changing bags, which one to choose?

Hey all, 

I thought it was about time that i start looking for practical baby items rather than just spending my wages on cute baby clothes ha ha, so for most of the evening i have been looking at changing bags, and i have come to realise there are so many different bags out there. There are literally hundreds of different brands, styles, colours, sizes...the list goes on. 
I've always been quite fussy with bags, which doesn't make choosing a suitable changing bag easy. However, my aim is to find a bag which is big enough to hold all the baby essentials i will need when out and about and can also double up as a handbag for me. This means i'm looking for a bag which doesn't look too "Changing bag-esque". I also don't fancy paying stupid money as some of the bags I've looked at (which are very nice i must admit) cost up to £200! 

So after having a browse on the good old world wide web i have chosen my favorite 3 which meet my criteria. 

1. Pink Lining - Yummy Mummy Range
Price: £75

"Yummy Mummy - Birds and Bows"

The Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bags comes with all the features a normal changing bag has, however it is fashionable and stylish yet very functional. Perfect for any yummy mummy! 
The Yummy Mummy range i have chosen has many different patterns, all very cute. I have chosen the "Birds and Bows" design for the simple fact that i LOVE the colour green and i also love the pattern. All of the Pink Lining bags have the internal shocking pink lining too!

What the bag features: 
* Long adjustable strap to fit on pram handle
* A pocket on the front on the bag with the Yummy Mummy slogan and cupcake motif
* An elasticated pocket on either side of the bag
* Water resistant lining
* Two Nappy pockets
* Two thermal insulated pockets
* Zip pocket for valuables
* Key/dummy fob
* Detachable mirror
* Mobile holder
* Padded Changing mat
* Zip wet bag

7/10 - A lovely bag with lots of features but a bit pricey

2. Babymel - Amanda Printed

"Jungle Floral Blue" 

The Babymel Amanda changing bag has been very popular with mums since it was first launched. It is a very stylish bag which doesn't have the changing bag look to it. Perfect for mums who like to look good on the go. 
There are many styles and patterns in the Amanda range, the Amanda Printed, Quilted and Zipper. I have chosen the Printed because i love the style of it and all the prints are gorgeous. This particular print is "Jungle Floral Blue". I love the bright colours and it certainly stands out from the crowd! 

What the bag features: 
* An insulated bottle pocket
* Three large outer pockets
* Five internal elasticated pockets 
* A zipped pocket to keep valuables in
* Wipe clean lining 
* Wipe clean outer printed fabric
* Adjustable shoulder strap
* Adjustable pram strap
* Padded changing mat

8/10 - A bright stylish changing bag and good value for money, however could do with somewhere to hold wet/dirty items.

3. Okiedog - Bliss Luxury Celeb Tote


Not many mums have heard of the Okiedog changing bags which i'm quite surprised about as they offer a stylish and practical alternative to the traditional changing bags. Okiedog have many different range of bags but this celeb style is my favorite. Compared to the other bags i have chosen this one is quite neutral in a beige colour, however it still looks gorgeous. 

What the bag features: 
* Two bottle holders
* Insulated bottle bag
* Leak proof zip lock wet bag
* Changing mat with anti-bacterial treatment
* Universal pushchair clips
* Wipe clean outer fabric
* Quick pick loops to hold keys/dummies
* Internal & external pockets 
* External zipped compartment
* Parent Zone

9/10 - I love this bag, very stylish and comes with many features, great value for money. What more could you want? 

Lucy xx

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  1. Lovely bags! I think my favourite one is the Babymel - Amanda Printed one however the third one is probably best all rounder for price! x