Wednesday, 25 July 2012

24+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Its come to that time again for another update. I know! Can you believe it!? 
So, i'm now 24 weeks, which i explained in my last update our little girl is now viable and seen as a baby rather that a fetus :) Yay! 
I had my monthly midwife appointment today, all seems well. She took my blood pressure and that measured 110/60 which is pretty average for me looking back through my notes. I also got weighed, i'm now 78.3 Kgs. The last time i got weighed was 4 weeks ago and since then i have put on 2.8 Kgs, which works out as 6.2 lbs, so not bad considering. That's just under 2 lbs a week. 
The midwife took madams heart rate and that is measuring 156 BPM, which is spot on. She also had a feel around and told me that baby is lying transverse, which is very much normal. 
I also got given my MAT B1 form, woo hoo. I've printed off my letter to my manager as well so that can be handed in tomorrow, meaning i will hopefully get a date written in stone as to when my maternity leave will start :D 
I now have my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) booked in for the 17th August and i am NOT looking forward to it. 
From midnight the night before i'm not allowed anything to eat or drink apart from water and my appointment isn't until 9:30am. When i arrive I have to have some blood taken and drink a glucose drink then wait for 2 hours in the surgery, still not being able to eat or drink and then have another lot of bloods taken once the 2 hours is up. Oh the fun! I hate having bloods taken, and waiting, so on an empty stomach will be even worse. I have just got to think it's all for a good cause! 
I did bring up a few concerns with the midwife so she has asked me to come back again in two weeks on the 8th, just to make sure everything is ok. 

I think that's everything covered ha ha. 

I suppose now it's time for my bump pictures...

Not much of a change this week i don't think

So as you know i've been bargain hunting and in the last week more of the items i bought of Ebay arrived, yay :) Here's what i bought...

4 Newborn sleepsuits (First 2 Next, second 2 Mothercare) - £2.48

Both up to 1 month, Jacket and trouser set (Baby Pink), Dress (M&S) - Together 99p

Newborn Little Roo Romper (Disney) - £5

0-3 Winter Coat (Matalan) - 50p

I'm still waiting for a couple more bits to arrive in the post, once they are here i shall upload pictures in my next update. I'm sure i will grab myself some more bargains as well :) 

I think that's all for this week, i can't think of anything else. 

Lucy xx

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  1. aww i love elephants that little set is so cute!! :)