Wednesday, 8 August 2012

26+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet as i am shattered. I worked last night then had my midwife appointment at 10 am then met up with a friend for lunch in Plymouth for a much needed catch up!! 

My midwife appointment was pretty straight forward, she took my blood pressure which was 130/70, she said that was fine. She measured my fundal height and said it was perfect for how many weeks i am :) 
I once again got weighed, i'm now 80.5 KG, two weeks ago i weighed 78.3 KG, which means i have put on 2.2 KG in just two weeks. That works out to be 4.8 lbs!! She told me if i continue to put on that much weight at each appointment then we shall have to have a chat about my diet :( 
She was going to take blood today but seeing as i have my GTT next week she thought it would be better if they just take a little bit extra there instead of me having two lots taken. 
Also from now on my appointments will be every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks :) My next appointment is on the 22nd of August. 

Before i went to see the midwife i popped in to see my mum in the market, one of the other stall owners makes crafts and bits and bobs for babies. A few weeks ago i saw that she makes taggy blankets, something that i would love to make but haven't yet attempted.  I picked out the colours i liked and she said she would make one up. Well today she called me over and she had made a few and said i could choose my favorite. I was about to pay and she told me to put my money away as its a gift for the baby, she also gave me a pink duck soap which is really cute :) I took a few photos...

How cute is that?! I really want to take it out the wrapping, but i won't just yet. It also smells lovely :)

The taggy blanket that the lovely lady made. I'm thinking about maybe getting baby's name embroidered on it :) 

I also popped into Primark and saw that they have some new baby stuff in, i couldn't resist buying a couple bits. I got two tops for £3.50 and two pairs of leggings for £3.00 both in sizes up to 10 lbs. 

I think they are so cute :) Also it could potentially be a coming home outfit, although i have a few outfits which i love, so we shall see. 

I also took a quick picture of this weeks bump...

I've been really uncomfortable today but i think that's because i ran for the bus this morning and since then I've been feeling a bit of pain at the bottom of my bump. I've been told it could be round ligament pain. I'm hoping after a good nights sleep it will be gone. 

As i said its only a quick post tonight as I've had a hectic day and its time for me to relax :) 

Lucy xx

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  1. i never get weighed at my appointments! i haven't been weighed since my 12 week scan at the hospital! :/ oh well! x