Monday, 20 August 2012

Likes and dislikes of...Pregnancy...

Hey all, 

Now I've experienced being pregnant for a while (ha ha) i thought i would write down a list of my likes and dislikes, just for fun :) Feel free to add your own in the comment box below. 

Lucy's Pregnancy Likes: 

  • Feeling kicks, hiccups, twitches and elbow jabs - The most magical feelings in the world!
  • Fuller hair - My hair has always been fine and limp but now it's looking thick and full, i <3 it :)
  • Growing Nails - I've always been a nail bitter but since becoming pregnant my nails have grown at a rapid pace and are actually growing!
  • Watching my bump grow - I love looking back at pictures and seeing how much I've grown over the weeks as i know its for an amazing reason :D
  • Bigger boobs - I must admit, they are looking pretty damn good at the moment ;)
  • Having a reason to shop - I love shopping and what gets better than baby shopping?! All those cute outfits! 
  • Hearing baby's heartbeat on the doppler - I don't do it so much anymore but it is always an amazing sound, especially when i can hear and feel her kick at the same time. 
  • Sharing the experience with my OH - I love it when he feels her kick and talks to my belly, just puts a massive cheesy smile on my face, knowing we created a baby that's growing away inside me, amazing. 

Lucy's Pregnancy Dislikes:

  • Heartburn - I have been suffering with this A LOT lately and it is not nice :(
  • Leg Cramps - Especially when trying to sleep, waking up in immense pain is not a nice feeling
  • Getting out of breath - I now finding myself having to slow down, even getting dressed is becoming a mission!
  • Growing out of clothes quickly - I've never been one to buy clothes that often, however now i'm finding i'm having to buy a couple items at least once a month as i'm growing out of everything, even my maternity clothes! 
  • Worrying!! - Sometimes little miss decides to have a quiet day and not wriggle as much, this tends to worry me a little bit as i'm so used to her moving a fair bit. 
  • Hot flushes - OMG, these happen at the most random times and it's not just hot, its like mega hot and full on sweating, not a good look!

Enjoy your day :) 



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