Friday, 17 August 2012

What a shambles today has been!

Hey all, 

As you all know i was booked in to have my Glucose Tolerance Test today and have been dreading it! didn't happen today! 

After not eating since midnight i went to have my GTT at 9am this morning, the doctors were already running late which i wasn't too happy about as i'm always grumpy when i haven't had my morning cup of tea or something to eat, plus heartburn kept me awake until 3am this morning and i had to be up at 7am. 
Anyway at 9:30am they called me in. I had a lovely nurse see to me, thank god as i am petrified of having my blood taken due to previous bad experiences. 
She found a vein fine, so i was thinking to myself how it would be over and done with quickly...not the case! 
Three attempts later she still hadn't managed to take any blood, even after trying in both arms and my hand. Apparently my veins were very deflated due to fasting. In the end she gave up as she could see i wasn't enjoying the experience and she wasn't having any luck! 
I've now been re-booked in for a second attempt on the 4th September, hopefully the nurse will have better luck taking blood from me then! 

After a crappy morning, the weather making it even worse (will it ever stop raining?) I made my way home so i could have a cuppa and something to eat. 
Shortly after the postman turned up, with a parcel! He had my bag! Woohoo!! I unpacked it as soon as it arrived and i love it. I was worried it would be a bit too big, but to be honest it is the perfect size! 


I am now one happy girl :D

Lucy xxx

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