Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dating and NT Scan :D...

I have just come back from my dating and NT scan and it went really really well :D I was in there for about 45 mins as Jellybean would not stop wriggling he he.

I went in thinking i was 12+1 and they would put me back, however they put me forward to 12+3, baby is now due 10/11/12...such an awesome date ey :)

For the NT screening i came back Low Risk, the NT measurement is 1.70 MM and my Risk is 1:8704. I am very happy about that as it means the baby is healthy and isn't at risk of any chromosomal abnormalities :D

My next scan has been booked in for 18th June and i cannot wait :) It means i only have 7 weeks until i can find out what i'm having :D I really thought i was having a girl, but now i have a feeling its a boy...so i shall have to wait and find out!!

Here is a picture of Jellybean...anyone fancy taking a guess at the gender?

Lucy xx


  1. Hi there! Congrats on such a good scan, That picture is great! We have the same due date as well :)

    Did you find out straight away that you were low risk from the NT scan? I heard that they dont tell you on the actual day and that you get a letter in the post about two weeks later telling you your risk percentage.. but it sounds like you got it on the day? :D Im hoping I'll find out on the actual day too so we dont have to wait an extra two weeks to tell everyone.

    Ps looking at your scan picture.. Im guessing boy =)

  2. Heya,

    Thanks :) It took them ages to get a pic as baby wouldn't keep still ha ha.

    I got my results on the day, i had my bloods taken over a week ago and then she done the measurement at the scan and told me there and then.

    Has your midwife taken any bloods yet? xx

  3. Ahh right, I havent had any bloods taken yet so i guess ill have them taken at my scan and then they'll be sent off for the results. Thanks for the info! x