Saturday, 5 May 2012

Purchased my first baby items :D...

Hey all :) 

So today i have hit another milestone, i'm now 13 weeks :D Still confused as to whether i'm in first or second trimester as different books say different things. 

Anyway, all is going well. Been hearing JellyBean's heartbeat getting stronger each day and been getting more growing pains. I've read it means the baby is moving from behind my pelvic bone slowly up towards the belly button. I just cant wait to start feeling those flutters/kicks!! 

I thought as everything is going so well i would purchase a few items for the baby. I'm not planning on getting too much yet as i want to find out the sex first, then i can shop shop shop!! I had a look around Mothercare and there are some really cute items in there! 

I ended up buying an 8 Piece baby set which included a jacket and trousers, a sleepsuit, two vests, a bib, a hat and some mittens. I also bought a baby record book which is so full of detail, i cant wait to start filling it in!! I took a few pictures for you all to see. They are not the best though, so sorry about that! 

I shall post again in the next few days :) 

Lucy xx

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