Saturday, 19 May 2012

Baby Events...

Hey all, 

Not much to report however i have once again been bargain hunting :) 
A lot of big stores at the moment are having Baby Events, Argos being one of them, so i thought i would have a nose and see if there was anything decent on their website. 
They do have some good deals on there, half price on Prams, Feeding, travel etc. I had a browse through and a few products caught my eye. I looked at a few of the Tommee Tippee bottles, however because i hope to breastfeed i won't be using bottle for a while anyway. 

What did catch my eye was the "Bright Starts Savanna Dreams Baby Rocker". It is so cute and can be used for either a girl or a boy. So the original price is £44.99 but with the half price sale it's only £22.49. I also have a £10 voucher which needs to be used up so that would make it just £12.49, meaning a whopping saving of £32.50!!! Can't beat that :D 

Unfortunately it cannot be delivered but i have reserved it to be picked up on Monday. I'm quite excited as it will be my first big baby purchase AND another tick off the list :D 

Here is a picture of the one i chose: 

The Rocker me and the OH originally picked out was £64.99 from Mothercare, but this one is just as cute and saves us money to buy other bits :) Who says you have to spend a lot :D 

I shall update on Monday as i have a Midwife appointment :) 

Lucy xxx

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