Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nuby Freebies :D

A few weeks ago i discovered and liked their Facebook page There is a page on there named Bump, Birth and Baby and if you sign up they send you freebies. 

I entered my details and to be honest totally forgot about it and then today i received two soothers in the post. They are both very cute. I took a picture for you all to see. 

The picture isn't too great so it doesn't show the colours too well but the blue is actually more green and the yellow is a bright yellow. Either way they are super cute. 

Since then i have applied for more freebies, so i'm hoping they will arrive soon :) 

The more freebies the better :D 

On another note i received a letter today from the hospital confirming my scan appointment on the 18th June, but have also been asked to come to an Obstetric's appointment after my scan. I'm not 100% sure what it's about so i will speak to my midwife when i see her on the 21st May. 

Only 39 sleeps till i get to see JellyBean again :D 

Lucy xx

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