Friday, 25 May 2012

A few more items checked of the list...

Hey all, 

Just thought i would make a quick update - although not sure how quick it will be ha ha. 

Yesterday i was at Ryan's and we decided to pick up some lunch and sit in the sun, after he suggested we look in a few shops. We had a look in BHS but it was fairly pricey and not really much of a range. 
We then went into the Early Learning Center and had a look around. There wasn't too much baby orientated products in there, it was more aimed at children 18 months and up. Anyway, we were about to leave when i noticed their small baby section. What they did have was so cute though! We had a look at a few of their products and then we both noticed something we liked. 
It is the Blossom Farm 3-in-1 Sit Me Up Cosy. 

Here it is...

The picture above is showing the inflatable nest for young babies. It can also be used as a tummy time mat and then the sit me up for older babies. It comes with 3 detachable toys and they look so cute. Me and Ryan both loved the colours of the product too. 
This item was in the half price sale down from £50 to £25 and because we both loved it we couldn't really say no. 
We were originally going to get a baby gym, however as this can be used 3-in-1 i thought it would be ideal and last a fairly long time. 

Another item crossed off the list :D 

Moving on...I went to see mum in the market today as it is her birthday (Happy Birthday Mum :D) and she had bought me and Ryan the mosses basket from a baby stall. I was so excited to go and have a look at it, sad i know ha ha, but it is just beautiful. I took a couple pictures so i could show Ryan and for me to upload on here. 

This is what it looks like :)...

It's not the best quality photo as i took it with my phone but isn't it just gorgeous! I am also getting a white stand for it but that won't be in till Wednesday next week. I thought getting a white stand rather than natural wood would match better. Mum is keeping it at her house for time being and is filling it up with small pressies for the baby, how exciting!! 

Any way, i better be off. Ta-ra 

Lucy xxx

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