Monday, 30 April 2012

I've made it :D...

Today i am 12 weeks which means i can really start to relax now :D 
Having the Doppler has really helped though, I've listened to JellyBean's heartbeat every day since i got it and it still amazes me. 

I am also super super excited as i have my 2nd scan tomorrow and i cannot wait to see JellyBean bouncing around :D I also get another photo to add to the collection :) 

I've been thinking about whether i should ring up my dad and step mum tonight and let them know the good news, or whether i should wait until tomorrow once I've had the scan. I do plan on announcing it on Facebook in the next couple days though...

My OH told his sister today which shocked me a little as he wanted to wait until after the scan before he told his family/friends. She got really excited about the fact she is going to be an auntie :D I'm glad the OH is starting to relax a little bit now though and just enjoy the pregnancy, i know he has found it hard due to previous events which made me get a little stressed out a times but now we can enjoy it together it makes me so happy :D. My OH's mum has also asked if she can now get the knitting needles out and start knitting some outfits...bless :) 

Anyway, i'm going to leave it at that and post an update tomorrow with pictures :D xx

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