Wednesday, 16 May 2012

First Baby Movement?...

Hey all, 

Yesterday i was 14+3 - the weeks just seem to be flying by! 
All day i had been feeling little flutters, but didn't really think much of it. However i was on the way to my other half's, waiting at the bus stop sat down in the shelter and i lent over to get something from my bag and suddenly i felt what felt like the baby doing a somersault. Straight away i thought "That was baby!" 
It was something i have never felt before so i defiantly think it was baby! It was such an amazing feeling! 
I haven't felt baby do it again since, but i am only coming up to 15 weeks and all the books say you don't feel them move until 17-22 weeks, so maybe it was just a one off, but it is all very exciting and if it happens again i will know that it is baby wriggling around in there! 

I cannot wait to start feeling kicks properly! 

On the other hand it's only 32 sleeps till i get to see my Little One again :D 

Lucy xx

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