Wednesday, 18 July 2012

23+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

First of all i would like to share my happy news. 
My OH has been waiting to feel little one move for a while now seeing as i have been feeling her kick and move for quite a good few weeks now. Well last night i was laying in bed and could feel her moving around, so my OH puts his hand on my belly, and as usual she goes quiet. However he left his hand there for a little while and he felt her move, twice!! We both couldn't stop smiling as it feels like its been forever waiting for him to feel her. 

Then today, i'm sat down relaxing watching a little bit of TV and feeling her move as usual. I rest my phone on my belly and continue watching the TV. Out the corner of my eye i see my phone move. I look down at my belly and can see my phone bouncing up and down. She's kicking my phone!! I then take it off my belly and continue to see my belly moves as she moves!! is just so amazing! It feels like it is becoming so real now! However i now cannot stop staring at my belly ha ha. 

The weeks are seriously flying by, i mean its only 3 days until V-day!! Woohoo! This means that if i happened to go into labor at 24 weeks Drs would do everything they could to keep our little one alive. According to statistics online she would have a survival rate of 40-70%. As the weeks go by the greater this percentage increases. However, touch wood this does not happen and i make it to the full 40 weeks! 

Its come to that time again to update my bump pictures, so here they are...

Not much more has happened this week, purchased a couple more baby bits on Ebay but waiting for them all to arrive, so once they are all here i will take pictures and upload them :) 

I have my midwife appointment next Wednesday, so i shall also update you on that too. 

Lucy xxx

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  1. aww yay my OH felt the baby this week too! the same kind of thing happened! its sooo exciting now! x