Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 150ml easivent bottle review...

Hey all, 

As i am becoming a mum in November i have been having to make many decisions. I have decided that i would love to breastfeed and be able to express my milk so that my other half can bond with the baby by feeding (plus it means he can get up and do night feeds too) 
I have been trying to decide which bottles i would like to use but there are so many on the market to choose from! 
I emailed Tommee Tippee and asked if i could have a sample of their Closer to nature 150ml easivent bottle. They emailed back quickly stating they would be happy to send me a bottle which i received in the post today. 

Here is a couple pictures of the bottle...

The bottle: 

The bottle itself is quite a simple design, however it looks sleek and modern. I love the shape as it has indentations on either side of the bottle which makes it really easy to hold. I like this as it means when the baby is old enough to self feed the bottle isn't too big and bulky and would be easy for them to grasp in their little hands. 
The measurement markings on the bottle are very easy to read as the fl oz/ml are written in clear bold numbers (as seen in picture above).

The Teat:

The teat is designed to mimic the natural flex and feel of the mothers breast. I must say it is very soft to touch and has lots of flexible movement which i like. I would be happy to use this as i would be confident that it would be easy to switch between breast and bottle feeding without the baby having nipple confusion. 

Using the bottle: 

Firstly i took the bottle apart, like i would if i was going to sterilise it. This was very very easy to do. It comes apart in 4 pieces, as you can see in the picture above. I then put it back together again which was also very easy, it literally took me seconds. I love the fact i could do it very quickly as it means i wouldn't have a crying baby waiting for a feed as i'm trying to assemble a bottle back together. 

You can buy this bottle in a pack of 2 for £9.49 on the Tommee Tippee Website -

The product was given to me without charge. The opinions and views are all my own and i am not paid to review products.

Lucy xx

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