Wednesday, 4 July 2012

21+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

It's time for me to update with another bump picture :) I seem to be getting bigger each week so she is defiantly growing in there! 

The bump also seems to be getting rounder too :) I'm starting to have quite a few people comment now as well. As i'm getting bigger i'm starting to feel her move a lot more as well, especially when i am relaxing. I'm not sure if i'm feeling proper kicks yet, but they are defiantly stronger prods! My OH is still waiting to feel her move, bless. 

As i said last week i had picked out a handmade quilted blanket from the market my mum works in. I picked it up on Friday and and took a few photos, not the best mind! 

I have been looking around to see if i can find any other Nursery items which will match the dolls house theme as i think it would look lovely! Also it's not too pink, as i'm not a great fan of the colour! I may even attempted to make my own few bits, i.e cushions. 

Lucy xxx

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