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Nuby Natural Touch Step 1: Silicone Newborn Feeding Bottle 5oz/150ml review...

Hey all, 

As i am becoming a new in November I have been having to make many decisions. 
I have decided that i would love to breastfeed and be able to express my milk so that my other half can bond with the baby by feeding (plus it means he can get up in the night and do night feeds too). 
I have been trying to decide which bottles i would like to use but there are so many on the market to choose from! 
I emailed Nuby and asked if i could have a sample of their Natural Touch Step 1: Silicone Newborn feeding bottle 150ml/5oz. They emailed back quickly stating they would be happy to send me a bottle which i received in the post yesterday. 

Here is a couple pictures of the bottle...

The Bottle: 

The bottle caught my eye straight away, even though its only 150ml it is quite a bit bigger than other bottles on the market. I love the feel of it, its made from a medical grade silicone which is very soft to touch and is also squeezable which encourages milk flow. 
The bottle is easy to hold as it has the indentations on either side of the bottle and because of the silicone it is very light weight. The measurement markings on the side of the bottle are slightly transparent but can be felt as they slightly stick out. They are easy to read, however the picture above does not show this very clearly.

The Teat:

The teat is a lovely shape and is very flexible, it stretches and moves to mimic the mums nipple. The larger teat would allow a baby to latch on more easily and because it is so nipple like it would avoid any nipple confusion when switching between breast and bottle feeding. The teat also has built in anti-colic valves to help reduce the risk your baby getting colic. 
The bottle itself also has an anti-colic base, which i really love. The valves in both the bottom of the bottle and the teat allow air to flow into the bottle. This then reduces the amount of suction your baby needs to apply and decreases the amount your baby is digesting. This then all round makes feeding more natural. 

Using the bottle: 

Firstly i took this bottle apart, just like i would if i was going to sterlise it. I found this very easy to do and literally took me seconds. It comes apart in 5 parts, however the photo above only shows 4. Having the 5 parts means that it is very snug fit which would prevent leaks easily. It also very simple to assemble and again this only took me seconds. I love the fact i could do this in literally no time as it means i won't have a crying baby waiting for a feed as i try and put the bottle back together again. 

You can buy this bottle on its own for £5.99 on the Nuby website -

This product was given to me without charge. The views and opinions are all my own and i have not been paid to review this product. 

Lucy xx

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