Wednesday, 27 June 2012

20+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I've made it to half way :D Yay :) 
Not much has really happened this week, I've been waiting till Friday to buy a couple bits for our little girl. I already have a feeling she is going to be a little spoilt though as my mum keeps buying her cute little outfits and other bits. I have got my eye on a few items so cannot wait to be able to buy them :D However I did pop in the Market today where my mum works and put back the most gorgeous quilted blanket so i will be picking that up on Friday :D 
In other news, i had a call from the doctors on Monday. My urine sample from when i had my Anomaly scan picked up that i have Cystitis so I've been put on 5 days worth of Antibiotics to help clear it up. From what I've read and heard Cystitis can be very painful, but i didn't have a clue i had it, and still feel no different now, so i guess i am just a lucky one! 
The last few days I've been feeling little miss move around a lot more, especially when i'm sat down or lying in bed, still no real kicks (well not that i know of!) So i'm hoping i will start to feel them soon :) My OH is also eager to feel her kick from the outside, but i don't think that will be for a few weeks yet. 

So seeing as i'm now half way i thought it would be a nice idea to look back at the first bump picture i took and compare it to me now! So, here they both are...

So here i am at 9 weeks & 5 days.

Here is me today at 20 weeks & 4 days.

As you can see there is quite a noticeable difference between the two pictures, it will be interesting to see how big i will be at full term! Anyway here is my "normal" bump picture for the week...

The last week has been a little odd, but in a good way. People who i haven't seen in a while are coming over and commenting on my bump and people i don't know are asking me when i'm due! Its going to take a little while to get used to i think! At the end of the day i am only going to get bigger!! 

Anyway i think that's it for this week.

Lucy xxx

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  1. yay! half way :) we havent bought anything ourselves yet but we're hoping too soon, im so excited! im worried how big ill be at full term too, i am getting so big and wide! haha!