Monday, 18 June 2012

The day is finally long and awaited Anomaly Scan :D

Hey all,

So after counting down the days for 7 weeks today has finally arrived! My Anomaly Scan :D 
I only managed to get to sleep at 5 am this morning as i was so excited, i felt like a child on Christmas eve ha ha. My appointment wasn't until 3:30 PM so i kept myself busy from the moment i woke up so that the day wouldn't drag and it actually went pretty quickly. At 2:00 i started drinking lots of fluids so that my bladder would be nice and full, i actually felt like i was going to pop by the time i arrived at the hospital, where i met my OH. We made our way down to the antenatal clinic and it was packed, i thought we would be waiting there for ages but i actually got seen pretty quickly. 

We went into the scanning room and the sonographer explained what the scan was about and what they were looking for etc. It was then time to see my little JellyBean again, who was lying is a very awkward position lol. The sonographer took all the measurements that she needed to get and everything is measuring spot on for my gestation (19weeks&2days) she then asked if we would like to know the sex...we both immediately said yes. She had a quick peek and told us we are having a...

GIRL!!! We are both over the moon, knowing that our little girl is growing away and is healthy :D  We managed to get a couple pictures, although as she wasn't lying in the best position the photos aren't that great...but here they are...

My OH chose the second picture, he thought she looked cool ha ha. To be honest, i think she looks a little scary!! Ha ha. 

I'm now thinking about getting one of these 3D scans because i don't think i can go another 20 weeks without seeing her again. Plus with the 3D scan you scan see all their facial features etc. 

I'm still feeling a fair bit of movement, at the moment it just feels like she is tapping my insides, so i'm hoping soon i will be able to feel her kick :) 

I have my next midwife appointment on Wednesday so i will update again then. I think it's going to take a few days to sink in that i have a daughter :D 

Bye for now...

Lucy xxx


  1. amazing! congrats hun! i think my OH would pick the second pic too, but i agree, its a bit freaky! do post pics if you have the 3d scan, i have seen some amazing ones!

  2. Thank you :) I think it must be a man thing with the freaky looking photos ha ha.

    I sure will upload the 3D pics, hopefully i'll get a video too :) x