Wednesday, 20 June 2012

19+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all,

Back again ha ha. Again it's time for my weekly bump update :) I feel as this week i have just gone pop, but that may just be me. Although i did have a stranger ask me when i'm due today, so that must mean i'm starting to look pregnant rather than just a bit chubby lol. I took two bump pictures this week to spoil you with, oh aren't you lucky ha ha...

As you can see, i'm starting to get rounder and little miss seems to be moving up :) Cannot believe next week will be my half way bump update :D 

So, today i had my midwife appointment, was pretty routine. She took my BP, which was a little higher than normal but nothing to worry about. I also got weighed, put on another 3 lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks ago, so i'm gaining steady. I'm sure i will gain more as little lady keeps getting bigger. I really don't mind though as its all for a good cause :D She also had a listen to missy using her doppler and her heart rate is measuring 136BPM, which is slower than it has been, but i've read that's normal :) 
The midwife also talked about booking me in for another scan as little miss was in an awkward position last time so some of her measurements seem a bit off so she just wants them double checked that all is ok. I really don't mind as it means i will get to see her wriggling about again :D We then had a quick chat about when i should take my maternity leave and booked me in for 4 weeks time. 

As you all probably know it was Fathers Day Sunday just gone so i thought it would be nice to get Ryan something from the bump. I found a card on Funky Pigeon which i could upload our 12 week scan picture on to which i thought was pretty cool and then i wrote a cute message inside from the bump. I wanted to get him a little something to go with it so i bought him a pair of baby socks which say "I love dad" on, so so cute. I took some pictures for you to see...

I think that's it for this week, my memory is terrible at the minute, having to write things down and mis-placing objects ha ha. I shall update as regular next week when i will be over half way...whoa!!! 

Lucy xxx

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  1. aww that card is SO cute! I didnt do anything like that because hubby thought it was a bit weird! lol! its so exciting being half way! :)