Wednesday, 13 June 2012

18+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Here we are again, it only feels like yesterday that i posted my last bump picture! The weeks are really speeding by! It's scary to think that in a week and 3 days i will have reached the half way mark! Woohoo! 

So here is this weeks bump picture...just think, this time next week i will hopefully know if i'm joining team pink or team blue :D...

I've still been feeling twitches and wriggles, defiantly getting stronger. I notice it more when i'm sat down in the evening relaxing., Haven't felt any kicks just yet but i'm sure i will be feeling them in the next couple weeks :) 

In myself i have been feeling pretty good, apart from yesterday i was feeling a bit iffy and started feeling sick when i started to feel hungry, i hadn't felt like that in a while! 

Now, a topic i have been thinking about this week is my Maternity Leave. I received a letter from work stating the earliest date which i can leave is the 25th August. I also have 5 weeks holiday to use up which i have to use up before i go. I've been really thinking about when will be best for me to take it. 
I have had had an easy pregnancy so far so i haven't really found work to be a struggle, but you never know what may happen. However I'm starting to find the clients can become more challenging and i can find it mentally tiring. 
I'm a bit of a work-a-holic though, i hate to be sat around doing nothing, so i'm thinking to try and work up to the maximum date which would be 8th September (including my 5 weeks holiday) This would make me 31 weeks pregnant which i think is pretty reasonable, that then gives me 9 weeks to prepare for baby. It also means i can have longer with baby :) 

Anyway enough of maternity talk it's hurting my brain having to think ha ha. 

This week i also received my Nursing pillow and i love it. I bought it from for £19.95 with free delivery which i thought was pretty cheap after looking at the cost of some of the pillows out there. The thing i love about this pillow is i can use it for multiple purposes - supporting my back, helping me to get comfy in bed and also for Breast feeding once bubba arrives, so i'm sure it will get lots of use! It has also been made with good quality and the cover is machine washable, although i may look into buying another cover for it later on. 
Here is a picture of the one i have got...

Any way i can't think of anymore updates for this week but i shall put an update up on Monday after my scan :D 

Lucy xxx

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