Wednesday, 6 June 2012

17+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I cannot believe we are here again, the weeks seem to be flying by so so quickly, which i don't mind one bit but it is pretty scary that i am almost 18 weeks already! 

Not too much has happened in the last week, apart from the fact me and Ryan have decided on names! Yes, finally! I was so worried our baby would arrive in November and we still wouldn't have a name! We are trying to keep the names on a down low so it's a nice surprise for everyone when little one is here :) We just have to wait to find out now what we are having BUT there is only 11 days to wait!! Ahhh, we are so excited! I am holding back on anymore baby shopping until we know the sex, then we can splash out on blues/pinks!! Exciting! 

I've also noticed i have been feeling a lot more stronger twinges this week, so i'm hoping it won't be long before i'm feeling full blown kicks! I will probably be moaning then that baby is keeping me awake at night ha ha, you can never win! I'm already finding that sleep is getting more uncomfortable, i can't lay on my back or belly so i'm having to stick to my sides, then i find once i'm comfortable i need a wee or i'm too hot...oh the joys of pregnancy!! 

My bump is defiantly getting bigger, people at work keep on commenting how big i'm getting :) So here is this weeks picture...

Today has been a good day, i have just come back from the cinema after watching "What to expect when your expecting" I really enjoyed it, there were a lot of funny bits but there was one part of the film that had me bawling my eyes out - I won't go into detail just in case you want to watch it, but you will see. A lot of people have said it would put me off being pregnant but it done the opposite, it's made me love being pregnant even more and now i can't wait for the most amazing end result, to have my baby in my arms knowing that i created that. 

Well, i don't think there is anything else to add to this week apart from...11 days till we see JellyBean again!!! 

Lucy xxx


  1. Your bump is amazing! I want to be a big as you! (hope you take that the right way ha!:D)

  2. Ha ha thank you :) I'm still not used to it, before pregnancy i was doing everything to stay slim-ish and now i'm like 'bigger the better' lol. I'm sure one day you will wake up and have popped lol x