Saturday, 29 September 2012

34 Week Bump Update and more...

Hey all, 

Just a quick update today as to be honest i'm feeling like crap. I'm really not sleeping well at the moment and its starting to have quite an affect on me. Today i have been feeling sick, out of breath, light headed, tired, sore...the list continues. I had a nap around lunch time and that perked me up a little bit, but i'm still not feeling 100%. 

Now, where to start...

As i mentioned in my last update me and Ryan had picked out a travel system we both loved, well it turns out we won't be getting that one as there had been a few problems with the company and they aren't able to deliver it until 18th December! A bit too late! 
As soon as we found out we started the pram hunt once again, but it was actually over and done with in minutes. We loved the Hauck Malibu, so we had a look to see what other travel systems they had and that's when we came across the Hauck Apollo 11. It is practically the same as the Malibu, it just comes with a couple more extras. For example, an adjustable handle, rain cover, foot muff and is a little more durable. 

This is the colour we have gone for, Blue and Grey. It's not very girly, but at the end of the day it's only a colour and i think i will be sick of the colour pink once she is here anyway ha ha.

This one has been ordered and should arrive on the 4th October, so fingers crossed :) 


Next recent midwife appointment. 
Everything is all on track as usual, madam is still head down, woohoo! Her heartbeat read 156BPM, pretty much the same as every week. My Fundal Height is measuring 34cms which is bang on track too. The only thing that worried me this week is that my blood pressure was lower than usual. It usually reads 110/60, however this week it read 90/60. The midwife said it could be down to the lack of sleep i'm getting and that we should just keep an eye on it. My weight is still creeping up slowly, i'm now weighing 84.3 kgs which converts to 13 stone 3lbs. 
My booking in weight when i was just gone 9 weeks was 11 stone 2lbs, so I've only gained 2 stone 1lb so far, i'm pretty happy with that as i was expecting it to be a lot more. Obviously i know I've still got more to gain but i'm not too worried as once Christmas is over my plan is to start getting rid of all the baby weight :) 


Now time for this weeks bump picture, excuse the lazy clothes :) 

I don't see much of a change, just getting even more rounder. 


Best moment of the week: Ordering the last few baby bits for madam! Almost have everything. Woohoo. 

Bye for now. 

Lucy xxx

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