Saturday, 15 September 2012

32 Week Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I've been a little slack this week as i usually do my update mid-week, however this week i have been caught up in so much i decided to leave it until today. 

So, 32 weeks, that means there is only 8 weeks left until my due date, eeekkk! I'm now starting to go through all the emotions. One minute i'm excited, then i'm scared, back to excited then freaking out that there is only 8 weeks to get everything sorted and the last few bits bought (which isn't actually that much) 
I think the whole nesting stage has hit me though as this week i have started washing all of her clothes, when i can as the great British weather is a funny old thing. However today the sun is shining so i managed to get a load out on the washing line. I even took a picture (how sad lol)

Excuse the garden, it needs a cut! 


This week started off quite good, i got my results back from my GTT. They came back normal which i expected, however i was very happy anyhow :) 

Wednesday i had my Midwife appointment, not with my usual midwife however the one i saw was just as lovely :) Everything is on track and hopefully it will stay that way! 
Our LO is still head down and i'm hoping she will stay that way for the next 8 weeks. Her heartbeat was reading 159 BPM. The Midwife made a comment about how she was defiantly a girl with that reading. I sure do hope so! 
She measured my Fundal Height which was still 30cm, which is what i measured at my last appointment. However the measurements are unreliable and even the midwife said it's not a worry, but if at my next appointment its still the same then they will get it checked out. 
My weight gain is staying under control, which i'm very pleased about. I had only gained 3.3lbs since my previous appointment 3 weeks prior, which is spot on as they say you gain 1lb a week in your last trimester. 

Yesterday i had a bit of a freak out day. Long story short me and Ryan applied for a Sure Start maternity grant and we were pretty sure we would be eligible to get it. However i received a letter yesterday saying that we aren't. I instantly had a freak out as we had left a few bits on our list with the plan we could buy them using the grant money. I.e. Paying off the rest of the cot and buying the pram...nothing important :/
 As usual i rang my mum for some good old mum advice. She managed to calm me down and make me realise that we will be ok with a little bit of help. 

I do love my mum :D 


Now, time for my bump picture :D 


My best moment this week was finding out my GTT results are all ok :) 

Lucy xx

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  1. Lovely bump! Howcome you didnt get the maternity grant? Im waiting to hear back about it too and was sure i was going to get it. Now i'm a bit worried! x