Saturday, 13 October 2012

36 Week Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

28 days to go until the big day, where has the time gone?! 

I've been pretty slack with updating my blog as I've been busy and feeling groggy, however i am back to my usual self now :) 

The last two weeks have been pretty jam packed so i'm not going to go into loads of detail else i will be here for hours, so i will just bullet point what's happened. 

* Started going to Antenatal classes on Monday nights with Ryan. Our next class is all about labour and pain relief...eeek!! 
* Our Travel System arrived and has been put up - I love it :) Just want to take it for a stroll now lol. 
* Mine and baby's hospital bags are all packed, so we are ready if she decides to make an appearance. 
* Midwife appointments are now weekly, at the last visit baby was 4/5th engaged, so lets hope she continues heading that way! 
* The cot has now been paid off and is being delivered on the 25th. 
* The last of the baby bits have been bought, all her clothes have been washed and put away. Just need to put up her bouncer and fit the car seat in the car but will do that nearer to her due date. 

I'm sure more has happened but my mind has gone to mush lately ha ha.

I'm really starting to feel pregnant 36 weeks i cant really complain though! 
I'm starting to get all the aches and pains quite bad, especially when walking for fair distances. Sleep is becoming almost non-existent, although last night i actually had a really good nights sleep :) 
Getting dressed is another mission, it now takes me at least 20 minutes as i have to sit down else i get really out of breath! 

To be honest i would be quite happy if she made an appearance now, just so that i can go back to being me. To think that there is a chance she goes overdue and i have another 6 weeks of feeling like this makes me want to cry! Who knows, she may be good and decide to turn up on time though...

Due to feeling like this on Tuesday i'm treating myself to a hair cut and colour so that i feel good when madam does decide to arrive and plus i won't really have much time afterwards! I haven't had my hair done in ages so i'm really looking forward to it :D 

Any who, that's enough rambling for me today so its time for my bump picture...

Lucy xxx

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