Saturday, 22 September 2012

33 Week Bump Picture and more..

Hey all, 

So, i'm 33 weeks's quite scary to think that in 4 weeks i shall be full term, which means our little monkey could decide to make an appearance in as little as 4 weeks!! I highly doubt it though seeing as she is my first and with first pregnancies you tend to go overdue. 
I'm defiantly starting to feel pregnant now, bump is getting heavier as the days go on and seems to enjoy lying in awkward positions. This means i'm finding it uncomfortable to sit down for long periods of time, i'm not sleeping great anymore and when i walk all i feel is pressure. To think i still have 7 weeks of this worries me a little. However i'm going to try and enjoy the last few weeks as i know for sure i won't be getting pregnant again for at least 3 years.


In my last update i told you about me and Ryan being refused the Sure Start Maternity Grant and how we were worrying about how we were going to get the last few baby bits, i.e. the pram and cot etc, well, as they say there is always a silver lining with every cloud and i found mine, with the help of mum and her friend :) 
After searching most of the day online for cheap prams, sending emails, phone calls to mum and panicking, she came over in the evening with a travel system which her friend had for sale. It was nice however we worked out it would be a bit too big for me to use on public transport, which i use a lot! So it would be no use to us. Mum then mentioned that her friend was with a catalogue and could ask her very nicely if we could use her account. She said yes! 
Me and Ryan then spent a good couple hours looking on their website at their various travel systems, picking out our favourites. We then had to choose which one would be most suitable for us. 

It has to be: 
- Easy to put and collapse
- Small and compact enough to fit on public transport
- Ideally include a car seat and travel cot (any extras a plus)
- Easy to attach and remove car seat and travel cot
- Not too expensive
- Have good reviews

After looking at so many different styles of travel systems and reading though all the reviews, we picked one out! 

It is...drum roll...The Hauck Malibu 12 All in One in Black. 

We both love it. It matches our criteria perfectly, all the reviews are excellent and it also isn't too pricey. 


Hauck do have this pram in many colours but we thought black would be the best option as if we have more children in the future we can use it again :) 

It has been ordered and we should have it by next week, i am SO excited :D 


This last week has been quite quiet, however on Tuesday madam decided to give us a bit of a scare. All day Monday she had been very quiet, not her usual self and she was still quiet Tuesday morning. I don't usually worry as she wakes up after I've had food or a shower, but this time, nothing. 
I rang my midwife with my concern and she told me that they wanted me to go get checked out. I ended up going to Derriford Hospital and being put on a trace to monitor her heartbeat. Well, as soon as they put it on me she started kicking away, getting hiccups and rolling around. What a little monkey! They kept me on the trace for an hour and everything was fine. I did feel a bit silly but i rather feel silly than have worried for the rest of the day! 

The rest of the week i continued with sorting out all of her clothes, and mine actually. I decided to go through my drawers and wardrobe and decide what i didn't wear anymore. It was surprising how much junk i actually had. I've now made room for all her clothing, which seems like loads and even found places for all her nappies and wipes etc. 
I still have loads more items to find places for but that can be done as and when as it only takes 5 minutes to do. 


Now, time for this weeks bump picture. My mum reckons she has dropped a little but i'm not too sure, what do you think?


My best moment of the week was hearing little ones heartbeat on the trace, and the hiccups, and 

Bye Bye



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